#SonOfAPitch Round 2

My work DYLAN is also a part of this.
In Round 2 of #SonOfAPitch, critiquing authors meander one another’s blogs, leaving feedback on the queries of aspiring authors such as myself. The theme for this year’s contest is Star…

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Making Thoughts


040Teach Me

Teach me, old World, your passion of slow change,
Your calm of stars, watching the turn of earth,
Patient of man, and never thinking strange
The mad red crash of each new system’s birth.

Teach me, for I would know your beauty’s way
That waits and changes with each changing sun,
No dawn so fair but promises a day
Of other perfectness than men have won.

Teach me, old World, not as vain men have taught, —Unpatient song, nor words of hollow brass, Nor men’s dismay whose powerfullest thought Is woe that they and worlds alike must pass. Nothing I learn by any mortal rule;
Teach me, old World, I would not be man’s fool.

By Donald (Grady) Davidson

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Making Old New

Children are the focus of the holidays for the most part and in a lot of families. We have sixteen grandchildren and one great grandchild. I remember when I wrote my first novel, Deception Peak, and how I asked my grandsons what sort of book would they read.

They loved the idea of fantasy, and of a dragon. I had to promise them “no kissing”, though. However by the time I wrote book two they were a little older so I allowed for a bit of romance. The world itself is filled with countryside,  horses, tall ships, pirates, hunters and fishermen.


Map by John Renehen

Because the boys in the family grew up pretty much with an absent dad, my main character to that story, and the subsequent Ian’s Realm Trilogy, spends most of his life raising himself. Yes, it’s a coming of age story about a teen who has to overcome phenomenal obstacles, and the dragon is probably the least of his worries!

Whereas there are only a couple of reviews for the trilogy on Amazon, if you look up the individual books there, you’ll see many more praises for the stories. I hope you’ll take a look this Christmas season and at least get the saga for the young people in your life!

Take a moment to return to Ian’s Realm. The fantastical world where deception and treachery contests honor and valor. The first three books wrapped up into one.

The Ian's Realm Saga

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December 2016 Contest Roundup

Here is a great list of upcoming events for those of us pitching to agents and editors. You don’t want to miss these contests. Pitch parties are addicting!

It’s the last Contest Roundup of 2016! If there’s one thing that the Contest Roundup does for me, it’s give me a sense of how quickly time passes. It seems like I get one Roundup …

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Making Believe

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You know how you feel after you’ve read a really good book, and you don’t want to start another one because you’re still in the world of the book you just finished? Well that’s what it’s like after you write a book too.

So here I sit.

NaNoWriMo excitement is over, Dylan is off to the editors. Thanksgiving is over. The cold is settling in, and I’m hoping for a little reprieve before my husband and I leave for Ohio on the train.

I’ve had a wonderful time putting my artwork on VIDA’s collection, making new friends on Twitter, but I feel a little empty because I don’t have a story in front of me. I have had only a little luck with Thread of A Spider. I just went through RISING’s Facebook page today, and miss the passion I had for that story so I’m going to share a little word art here with you.


I sure hope this story gets picked up so I can bring it to readers.


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Making Clothes

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This blog’s theme is C.S. Lewis’ wonderful quote “You can make anything by writing,” and streamlines my posts into those of an author. But I was an artist long before I started writing, having oil painted ever since I was little. My mom used to give me her extra oil paints when she got new ones. I’d shut myself up in the kitchen and just paint away. After that she gave me sculpture lessons by a dear friend of hers when we lived in L.A. and I even won a blue ribbon for a bust I created at an art show when I was 13 years old. I studied with Master Sculptor John Henry Waddell in Arizona, Ned Mueller here in WA, and many more well known artists from both WA, AZ and California.

Having had 7 children, I sort of lost my creativity time for a few years but came back to it after moving to Washington, and especially now that I have a full studio all my own.

I’ve been selling portraits and plein air landscapes, taking workshops, and going on trips to paint for quite a number of years. Just recently I was invited by @VIDA studio design to upload my artwork onto their clothing. So, since I have a blog, I thought I’d give this collection a little mention, if you all don’t mind. You can also see more of my work on my website.

View my collection on @VIDA


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Making Mends

As you might have seen from my little NaNoWriMo word count gadget, I successfully finished my first draft of Dylan, a contemporary magical realism novel. I’ve posted the blurb and my design for a cover earlier. Dylan is now in the hands of two very fine editors that work under the name of ManuFixed: Samantha Bohrman and Christina Pippa.

ManuFixed just finished some edits for Rising, which we are thinking of renaming Thread of a Spider. I am so grateful to have other eyes on my work especially for concept edits.If you have an opinion, let me know! Thread of a Spider begins the lyrics of Periwinkle, the fairy’s haunting song about a magical healing cloth which is made from spider’s silk.

Thread of the spider,
Weaving of ties,
Cloak for the piper,
A pickpocket’s lies.
It’s off with my head or drown in the well
Should I not find the cloak of periwinkle?

Sometimes we are so close to our stories that we don’t know what sort of questions will arise until a reader leaves a review, and by then it’s too late. I feel that concept edits or ‘seeing the big picture’ are more valuable to a novelist than any other form of editing. This is a professional third eye on our work! That’s why I’m thrilled to have Sam and Christina excited to read what I write and help me with that big picture.

Of course, because they will be the first eyes on Dylan I’m anxious to see what they say. Once that story is edited, it will also be queried. Wish me luck!

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