Yes! It’s #MSWL Day!


That’s right folks, today agents and editors tweet about their manuscript wishlists on twitter using the hashtag #MSWL. So, if you’re looking for an agents, read their wishes because you just might’ve written exactly what they are looking for. As for the editors, be sure and check their guidelines because not all of them accept unagented manuscripts. Then why are they tweeting you ask? Because agents need to submit their clients just the same as when an author subs to an agent. Now, quit dawdling and get to perusing the hashtag!

(Sorry no links or pretty pics today. Shot this post out from the hip on my mobile!)

Good luck finding the perfect match!

P.D. Pabst
Blogger and writer of MG/YA fiction.

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On Querying and Subbing Simultaneously

Something to think about and appreciate this discourse!

The Daily Dahlia

*This post also appears as a guest post today on Brenda Drake’s blog. We like to cover our bases pre-Pitch Madness!

Publishing has evolved into a pretty fascinating thing over the past decade—new publishers opening, old publishers folding or merging, the rise of self-publishing… the options seem pretty endless. And the best thing about having so many options is that truly, what’s the best option for one book might not be the best for another, and encompassing different methods in order to optimize your sales is now a very real—and, in my opinion, very freaking awesome—way to build a writing career.

But, notice I said “what’s the best option for one book might not be the best for the other.” As in, each book might have its own best path. What this means is, your contemporary NA might do best self-pubbed, while having an agent sub to big houses might…

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Making Backstory – Valerio

Growing up in the inner circle of the elite wasn’t easy. Sharing his time and childhood with two princes more privileged than he, and yet being expected to maintain the same standards, the same aloofness as royalty, was confusing for a young boy, especially with the absence of a mother who, having  died in childbirth left him no siblings, and a strict disciplinarian for a father.

Valerio did well to impress those of the court. Always acceptable, always standing tall and well dressed, and with a teachable spirit. He followed his father’s footsteps, earning recognition for his military achievements. No young soldier handled the sword, or the rifle as well as Valerio. Those were the fields of expertise that made his father most proud, and Valerio’s one and only aim in life was to please his father.

His father was King’s Chavez’ confident and best friend, and had been all his life. No military maneuver was done without Valerio’s father involved. He was the Royal Cavalry Captain, the man in charge! Medals adorned his uniform, expensive plumes festooned his helmet. He rode the proudest and most beautifully decorated horse in all parades, attended all ceremonies and sat next to the king during all political forums. Valerio oftentimes attended those same functions, and it was clear that should his father retire, his son would replace him.

The day came for that replacement all too soon. Grief and betrayal overwhelmed Valerio after his father was killed in battle due to a miscalculation made by King Chavez. There was no room for forgiveness in the young man’s heart. He had lost everything. Suddenly fame and power meant so very little to him that he sought another outreach.

He sought the love of a woman.

Valerio had, for years, kept in close contact through mail, with the only girl he had known well enough to establish a relationship. Elizabeth always had a soft and compassionate heart for Valerio, as she pitied the fact he had been raised without a mother, especially when she was so close to hers. So when her mother died, very near the same time Valerio’s father died, the two found themselves dependent on each other.

Unfortunately, that relationship was not in line with royal protocol. Needless to say, Valerio’s bitterness brewed until he could contain it no longer.



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Making Backstory – Martim

Cassandra’s Castle

Martim was perfectly content being the younger, studious son of the king. Infante Royale he was called, as he would not have risen to the throne. He was fine with that as a certain freedom came with not having a crown on one’s head. Yet he did not take advantage of his position, but rather used it for the betterment of the country he called dear.

He was a musician in heart. A virtuoso on the violin. As all artists, he was more an introvert than an extrovert but that didn’t stop him from helping the children in the hospital where he played, and where he taught music. As it was said, his brother studied medicine to keep the children alive, but it was Martim who, through the arts, gave the children a purpose and presented them life. He readily admitted he had not much to offer, but what he had he gladly gave.

Martim was also a swordsman, trained by Maestro Sanchez, he was skilled with the blade. Being a young man, and protected by the throne, Martim never did see battle. His skill was kept on the strip where he learned the art of duel, yet never had to participate in one.

Soft spoken, passionate, and kind. That was Martim.He took second place to his brother Marques, but it never bothered him, except perhaps when his older sibling chose to tease him, or when the four childhood friends played rough. In those days, in his younger years, Martim stayed in the shadows and watched.

Perhaps it was his quiet nature that attracted Cassie.


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And She’s Here!

I’m only plugging my book today because it’s Cassandra’s Castle launch day!

I do hope you enjoy this story. Please spread the word. I have waited a long time for this book to be published. And a lot of people have  helped me along the way.

It all began with helping a friend research her Portuguese genealogy. At the same time I was beginning a sequel to Ian’s Realm Saga but I hadn’t had the story plotted out yet. So while researching I fell in love with Manuel II of Portugal and decided to do a time-travel historical fantasy so I could make things better for him, if only in our minds.

After the story was drafted, some friends and I packed up a lunch and headed to Port Townsend to make a book trailer. Do you remember that trailer?
That was three years ago.

Wow! What a journey! Not until the rights came back to me, and I wrote a screen play…actually a series of screenplays, did I rewrite the book. I like the way it came out! I love that I just got an email from Robert Miano saying

D.L. Gardner’s “Cassandras Castle” is  “enthralling,” a must read, two thumbs up” couldn’t put it down,” “Bravo”
Robert Miano
And of course then we had Chris Love our director from Chicago, and Tylor Jones, an award winning cinematographer from Seattle get together and make our award winning (9 film festivals so far and three trophies) trailer.

And now, finally the book is out for all of you to read and hopefully become fans and get us moving again so we can film the TV series or feature film, whichever comes first!

Please pick up a copy. The ebook is only $3.99 everywhere ebooks are sold!


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Making Back Story – Cassie

Cassandra’s Castle

Because this is the blog post for August 31, the official launch date for Cassandra’s Castle, we’re going to talk a little bit about Cassie.

Long before Cassie was born, she appeared to her father in a dream.

When the trumpet music played Ian saw the children
forming a long procession. Each golden-haired child wore a robe a
different color than the next, so that the line was a rainbow of
color. The children danced. In the distance behind them he saw a
turquoise sky and rolling hills that reminded him of Elysian Fields.
Scattered along the way were tall Eucalyptus trees that blew gently
in a warm breeze, leaves sparkling. The scent of the menthol
boughs seeped its way into his lungs. He breathed deeply.
When the children neared him, one by one, they whispered
in his ear, “thank you.”
The last little girl was different than all the others. Her hair
was dark, thick and wavy like his. She walked up to him, knelt
over his bed and kissed his forehead. He wasn’t sure he heard
correctly, but when she opened her hazel eyes, and tossed her long
dark ringlets off her shoulders, she said quietly in his ear,
“Use your shield, Daddy.”
She disappeared into the crowd. Then they sang their song.
Even though their lyrics lulled him into a deeper sleep, he
remembered the words clearly when he awoke.

Ian’s Realm Saga the Trilogy


When Cassie was born to Abbie and Ian Wilson, she was, to Ian the most special jewel in all the world. Not only had she saved his life while in the Realm, but she also gave him hope that he would someday be with Abbi again. For that he was eternally grateful.

So grateful, that when it came to parenting, he was on the soft side. She was raised in an upper middle class environment in the outskirts of Seattle. A latch-key child to two very busy parents. She was responsible, and sharp. Sometimes sharp-mouthed. She was very intelligent and somewhat bossy, traits she learned from being an only child and being spoiled.

She’s a loving girl, with a tender heart, and it isn’t until Cassie gets what she wants, which is finally going into the magical fantasy world her father told her about, that she has a real-life wake up call.


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Making Back Story – Elizabeth

Friends of the royal family, Elizabeth grew up with Marques, Martim and Valerio. Once a tom-boy, the lovely duchess learned to ride, hunt and shoot, as well as any man, thus spending her childhood competing against the king’s sons and Valerio in friendly tournaments, and sporting games. Inseparable, the foursome seldom parted until their coming of age when Elizabeth’s father moved his family north across the waters.

He had inherited property in Leinberg, and he and his wife had responsibilities to their tenants. Elizabeth fell in love with the estate, the rose gardens, the temperate climate. She would never have left if she had had a choice. Regardless, she missed her friends back in Alisubbo.

Elizabeth’s attempts at staying in contact with her childhood friends eventually filtered into correspondence solely with Valerio. Marques and his younger brother became absorbed in affairs of the state, and princely duties as heir to a kingdom.

A distant love affair developed between the two, be it only with pen and paper. Valerio swore he would marry Elizabeth, and she vowed her love to him. When Elizabeth’s mother died, Valerio offered a long distance shoulder for her to cry on, and in turn Elizabeth filled Valerio’s loneliness with poetic words that offered him a gentleness he did not find at home with his military father.

She kept her correspondence secret, as she kept many things for she was a quiet person when it came to intimate matters. Not even her father knew she had lost her heart to a man overseas.

When the Duke of Leinberg worried that Elizabeth’s grief was affecting her health, and that he would never be able to fill the needs a daughter has for her mother, he brought her back to Alisubbo to see her childhood friends again.

He was not aware that Elizabeth was in love with a common military man.




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