What is Blue?

ImageToo see blue…
If I told you the sky is blue it would be a lie
refraction deceives the eye. But the smell of the sun
coming over the horizon warming the beads of dew
on tiny blades of grass that is the color blue: bright day blue.
When you feel the evening chase the sun behind the tall cedars
and the chill of dark returns that is blue; deep dusk blue.


If I told you that water was the color blue that would be a lie.
But the sound of gentle waves washing onto a sandy shore
and the subtle slap of sea on rock that is the color blue: calm sea blue.
In the stale heat of summer as you place your toes
in the cold water fresh from the hose in your backyard pool
that is the color blue; pristine pool blue.

Blue is not the sky. Blue is not the water.
Blue is a blueberry off the bush. Smell the fruit, taste it,
feel its textures: skin, and flesh, and seed.
This is blue; blue as blue will be to you.
-Ruth Marburger


About Dianne Gardner

With a passion for wholesome and entertaining stories, Dianne Lynn Gardner dives into fantasy novels both adult and young adult. She is both a best selling author and an award winning illustrator who lives in the Pacific Northwest, USA. Mother of seven and grandmother of 16, Dianne wants to make sure that books which ignite imaginations, strengthen friendships, spur courage and applaud honor are available to every reader in the world.
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3 Responses to What is Blue?

  1. currankentucky says:

    Lovely words and wonderful pictures.

  2. Ruth Marburger says:

    Thanks mom for the posts.

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