Where is the Castle?


Where o where is the castle? The vast open patio where horses hooves clap gingerly through the crowds. Where long halls of colorful murals, rich rosewood furniture and shimmering mirrors beckon our young lady of Never Year to the sound of a sweet violin. Where will we find the tea room, the stateroom and the parlor? The plaza that weeps for it’s king and holds it breath for the duel?

Somewhere waits a castle to witness the story of Cassandra.

Where o where?

One would not think that it’s so difficult to find a castle. Surely royal structures are well advertised in this day of social networking when you can find everything you ever needed online, (and some things you don’t need). Of course, for filming purposes you have to fill certain criteria such as cost, location, rooms and furnishing, exterior plans and whether it will fit with your story.

So far our scouting for Cassandra’s Castle has delivered bits here and pieces there and of course we can adjust to that and take our happy caravan to many different locations.

But I can’t help think that there is one castle with everything we need, and one happy owner willing to open their arms to us and this story.

About Dianne Gardner

With a passion for wholesome and entertaining stories, Dianne Lynn Gardner dives into fantasy novels both adult and young adult. She is both a best selling author and an award winning illustrator who lives in the Pacific Northwest, USA. Mother of seven and grandmother of 16, Dianne wants to make sure that books which ignite imaginations, strengthen friendships, spur courage and applaud honor are available to every reader in the world.
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2 Responses to Where is the Castle?

  1. *blush. Thank you Peter!

  2. Just a beautiful picture from a very talented lady

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