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I’m a bit late for this post as I was waiting on my partner in crime-or critique-(Gwen Whiting‘s blog) and she’s been ill. But now that I’ve read what she has to say, I’m comfortable voicing my own opinion on these next few chapters.

I actually love the slower pace of Jordan’s work. I agree the pacing with the TV show is way too fast. I wonder if they had done better making a movie series instead of a tv show so that they can fit all the wonderful details that Jordan puts into his writing. (Well, “all” would be impossible, more would be nice.)

In these chapters, 11 – 17 we have the Two Rivers folk trailing behind Moraine much against their will across Taren Ferry chased by Trollocs and then into what they think is a big city (which Jordan constantly reminds us is nothing compared to what’s to come.) But the TV show passes Baerlon where Jordan made a pit stop to show us some relationships, and introduce the Dark One and all the drama that goes with that encounter.


One of the relationships I picked up more in the book was that of Rand and Nynaeve, and I think it’s important here because, having read the whole series once already, we need to know that there’s a give and take between the Wisdom, and the innocent yet coming-of-age Rand. It’s almost as though she wants to be kind to him, kind like a concerned (and nagging) mother. She has little patience. Still, they converse, and they converse often.

Friction develops between all the Two Rivers folks, in fact. Between Egwene and Rand especially. He despises that she has her heart set on being an Aes Sedai instead of on him. And you get a good sense of the bitterness developing between Lan and the Two River boys, even though Moraine tries to ignore them all.

My favorite part of any story is character interaction, and Jordan does well with this, giving everyone their good sides and their cranky sides. I especially love that Thom has been traveling with the group all this time because he plays the part of the eagle eye, the fellow involved and yet not involved: the guy who can take off if he wants because he’s not committed to any of it but who sees with a bird’s eye view what is going on. And he acts as a counselor to the trio.

Even at this point of the book, I find myself pulling for Rand, Mat, and Perrin because the heaviness of trouble is beginning to burden them. They have dreams that affect them physically and emotionally. They are anxious about what they are getting into. Headed for Tar Valon where women use their powers against men? They have little to no guidance aside from an encouraging word of the gleeman who seems worried about them but won’t actually come out and tell them why.

Moraine might be leading them, but into what? And Lan is protecting Moraine. The girls don’t seem to understand because they aren’t seeing the Dark One. They think the threat is merely physical. Rand, Perrin, and Mat are learning it’s more than what a quick sword and ax, or accurate arrow can handle. They know where they’re going could be the end to life…their’s and everyone else’s.

I am enjoying this book once again. Now’s a good time to pick it up before season two comes out!

The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan - 1990

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