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Where the Yellow Violets Grow

Maybe we’ll be home by Christmas. It’s so lovely in Pennsylvania at Christmas time. And then you and I could walk in the woods. The forest is beautiful in the winter. I’ll show you where the yellow violets grow. We’ll dig in the snow and find the trailing arbutus. They have a lovely fragrance.

-Lieutenant Janet Castner Continue reading

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Making up

I’ve been informed by my conscience that I have not been faithful with my blog lately. I find it odd that my moral core would nudge me about writing on my blog, still perhaps I have some duty to the … Continue reading

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Making More Stories

They say (“they” being all the industry advisors) that the best way to sell books is to write more. I don’t know about that. I certainly don’t want to get too back logged. But I DO have a story in … Continue reading

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Making an End

Steve and I have been feeding the homeless every Sunday for near 20 years. We believe in the sort of “religion” that gets us in the workfield by setting our tithes aside and using them to feed, shelter, and give … Continue reading

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Making Mends!

Arlene R. O’Neil, has had a hip replacement. This makes #5 for her & she only waited 2 years (yes you read that correctly) while walking on a broken titanium rod in her leg for this surgery. Her book goes … Continue reading

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Making Believe it’s Real

Ever have trouble believing something is too good to be true? I’m there right now. Cassandra’s Castle is screening at the Historic Grauman Chinese Theater in Hollywood next Saturday. I entered that film festival because that theater brings back many … Continue reading

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Songs of the past

Funny how one song can get you thinking about times long gone. When a friend posted this Simon and Garfunkel piece on Facebook I started writing and couldn’t stop. I think age does that to you, when you look back … Continue reading

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