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Sasha: The Secret of Barnacle Bay

Sasha waited even though she knew she’d get into trouble if she didn’t get home before dark. Soon the sun would sit on top of the sea. The magic hour of day. She couldn’t miss it. Not tonight, not like every other night when she was always led away from the beach by her big sister, Beth. Tonight would be different. The day was too perfect. Warm, quiet. Continue reading

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Making Believe, a new video for a book that might come out. Or not.

I have to tell you, I was disappointed to hear that Amazon Scout did not choose to publish Pouraka. I’m going to do some brainstorming with friends and if you have any suggestions let me know. It’s been queried to … Continue reading

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The Dragon Who Rescued the Princess

The Dragon Who Rescued the Princess A short story by Dianne Lynn Gardner In a land far away the rain is so plentiful that roses grow as high as the tower windows with long spiny branches that search for the … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Dragon?

I’ve introduced you to Stenhjaert, the dragon that lives on top of Deception Peak, keeping watch over the mountain, guarding the frozen crystal that would seal the portal were men to find it. Stenhjaert is the keeper of a world … Continue reading

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May Flowers Poetry Competition

Fellow Bards, Songsters and Poets. In May I would like to feature a poem a day on my blog, written by YOU! Why? because I love poetry and I love illustrating poetry. I will feature one poem on my blog … Continue reading

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A to Z Z is for Zorya Verchernaya

Our final day of the A to Z challenge, I’m stepping out with the goddess of dusk. I thought it rather symbolic! Zorya Verchernaya Zorya is the goddess of dusk in Slavic mythology. There are so many similarities between this … Continue reading

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A to Z Y is for Yeti

Yeti Yes I live in the Pacific Northwest. And yes, Bigfoot is one of our International names we claim. And Bigfoot actually has a cousin, I am told. Most folks know him as the Abominable Snowman but his name is … Continue reading

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