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Sweet Romance

  I have a new book coming out March 3, 2018 based on a stack of letters my sister-in-law handed me with the words, “write the story!” It concerns her mother who was a nurse stationed in England during WWII. … Continue reading

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Pouraka: An Underwater Romance

All life comes to the same end whether on land or in the sea. Tas could accept that. It was not death that disturbed him. A mer’s passing oftentimes was graceful, as is the swaying of the ocean under a summer’s moon. If his mother had died naturally, he would have taken comfort in knowing she was fulfilling the final cycle of life.
But she didn’t die naturally.

Because of that, grief would adhere to him as mussels adhere to the pilings under the pier, skeletons of forgotten shapes crusting over remnants of a once-living creature.
Tas will never forget Continue reading

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A to Z T is for Tristram, the symbol of a lover’s misunderstanding

Who does not appreciate a woeful love story? Tristram was a Cornish Knight of King Arthur’s roundtable who fought against Ireland’s Morholt, the deadly enemy that fought with a poisoned spear. Despite the wounds he received, Tristram killed Morholt and … Continue reading

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